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Tasks & Articles statuses - from to do to done


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Articles are integrated as tasks. Once you go to projects page and add task, the new task will create an article. Every new task/article will have initial status to do.

There are 6 pre-defined statuses: Planned Content (todo), Draft (in progress), Revision, Approved, Scheduled and Published.

Once you have finished writing the content, if you want to let your client approve it or request revisions, you need to set status to Revision. That way client will automatically receive an email with a link where to review your article and approve it or request revision.

If client approves your article, it will get status Approved. And if client requests revision article will go into Revision status, and you will get notified via email and an inbox notification.

If client approved the article and you have published it manually and set status to Published, or you have scheduled or published directly to one of the connected social media account through Scribable, article will automatically go into published status and client will receive email notifying him/her that article has been published.

Scheduled status will be appointed to the articles that you have scheduled for publishing via Scribable, and will switch to Published automatically on scheduled date after being published.

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